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Software as a Service (SaaS) For Cellular Network
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Advancedcellnet help to optimize the performance,
and capacity on network.

leading engineering to provide

& Network Solutions

telecommunication providers

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We provide you the right service, at the right price, at the right time.


Next Solution on Analytic Performance by Gathering Data

AdvancedCellNet helps to manage analyzing the data and deliver to system mapping. Trusted technology and is ready to you. Secured and multi tenant. Features that we provide help’s client to manage their data


Network Analytic



Celltim Messenger

Drive Test

System Mapping

Grid Data

Introduction of CellNet 3.0

CellNet Platform enables operators to leverage on their OSS databases from various of their clients to improves their networks performance. Services includes range from a servicing engineers up to the management perspective. Specific features and performance indicators can be easily customized based on operators requirements.

What We Do

At AdvancedCellNet, we help your strategic, business as well as technology-specific objectives through a hustle free development culture

Telecommunication Services

We develop inevitable telecommunication services that helps optimize your business performance. With our previous experience, we help our clients to design and customize their valuable ideas with great solutions.

Software Developer

We offer custom software development services for our digitized clients that are beyond the standards. With our in-depth research and profound development strategies, we assist business to achieve goals encompassed with obsolete satisfaction.

Development of SaaS

AdvancedCellNet creates interesting interface for consumer to explore and experience our telecommunication services. We will provides you great benefits such as Cloud Drive Test, Speed Test etc. Don’t miss yourself a free trial in monitoring the network performance at your finger tips.

Development of IOT

With great advancement of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, AdvancedCellNet never miss the chance in merging our-self into the world of IoT. Our interest initiates a start-up in the development and research, expanding our horizon towards the future of IoT.

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Some of Our Clients

We work with a number of industries ranging from technology. Our clients are our partners and our priority.