CellTiM Messenger

Ultimate Worldwide messenger

Celltim messenger is platform for communicating with other’s. Simply and easy to sharing idea’s and discussion about work


Organize your team member’s on channel.Make a channel as team or specific project.

Private Messages

Create private message with someone. Your message is between one to one and secured.

Private Group

Organize your team member’s on private group.Any discussion will be posted on the group.

Drag, Drop and Share

Not just all your messages, but all your files,PDF, documents, image, spreadsheet can uploaded into CellTiM. Add comment and can completely searchable in CellTiM.

If you use any other services such as “Google Drive, One Note”, you can just paste the link on the comment.

Search your entire message

With one search box, you are able to find all the keywords on the CellTiM. All details of the keyword will list out on the box. Everything in CellTiM messenger such as Spreadsheet, PDF, image, video are able to searchable.All process in just one click whenever you want it.