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Solution of Telecommunication Development Software

AdvancedCellNet, a Malaysian incorporated company, is a fast growing company who provides the missing links between management and engineering team and regional team with advance architecture system. We have our very own design tools to accommodate the needs to fulfill the missing links. With our solutions, it will minimize the needs of data redundancy due to centralize database system and can be accessed by many departments. It will clearly reduce operating costs and capital expenditures. AdvancedCellNet also provide consultancy services to customize reports, charts an data mining, where our elite team with expensive RF engineering and software background will always be ready to support operator.

Company History

The company was established in 2010 as a Software developer and consulting company, but the founder already started the strategy and software development since 2001 to accommodate the needs of telecommunication industry during his profession as Telco consultant. The software was evolved from installed version (desktop version) during year 2001-2005, proprietary company software (Microsoft Access and MapInfo) in year 2007 to 2008, and now as web based version that running over the internet architecture. Through our belief in continuous improvement and investment in this industry, we have grown from strength to strength in our endeavour to achieve this goal by keep updating our software to the highest performance and interactive level among similarity product in the market. The previous version is in used by one of the prominent operator in Middle East, where it has helped the operator to improve their performance by 81% on most of their main Key Performance Index. Most advanced and latest version has been bought by one of the leading operator in Malaysia to support their large organization especially monitoring team to observer and react on their network performance including GSM, UMTS and LTE. We also involve with RF related activities, new site acceptance, Drive Test for government project, and our team have strong background with end to end of Radio Network Design & Planning.

Why Work with Us

Next Solution for Telecommunication Provider

Developing a telecommunication software has not been exposed to most of our Malaysian citizens, especially youngsters of today, if being compared to developing a gaming software. Telecommunication is expected to improve by the day to provide the needs of tomorrow. AdvancedCellNet has the expertise in telecommunication development software. Our great knowledge of the industry, enables us to provide the most accurate and up-to-date information possible with competitive prices, and be well situated in both local and international markets.

Everyday AdvancedCellNet empower Telecommunication Services to focus on their:


Optimize telcomunication site networking to be analyzed


Maintenance of our tool time by time and upgrading features


Presenting data into charting from collection on the site