Let’s start using TeamWork

If you wondering how to start using the TeamWork, please follow this blog..

TeamWork designed to allow telecom engineers doing their daily work activity such as reviewing their network configuration on map, analysing their drive test files, make neighbours analysis and many more.. User may create as many as group and share the group access with other members, thus they will share their work activity between team members. This will make their collaboration to analyse network faster.


Open this link TeamWork and follow these steps..

by using group account demo i.e.(demo.cellnet-teamwork.com), user can access this account by using username & password : user01


then followed by..

once your access is granted,  you will be directed to map page for you to start exploring the TeamWork’s features.


To zoom in within the map, you can follow this technique..  shift + mouse drag to draw zoom in box as visualised above.

The workspace button located at the top right corner will help user to save or open workspace. User can save their current opened network, drive test files and zoom level, thus accessing regular work activity will be faster.


Select the one of the saved workspace listed from the selection.


To view the neighbour relationship from the network, ensure the neighbour list has been updated. In our demo workspace, all the necessary data has been prepared for user to experience this platform fully.



Once the selected workspace loaded e.g. “workspace sample drive test“, user will be zoomed to working area which has drive test file and sites of demo network. To view the measurement by colour of specific mobile measurement e.g. RX level sub, user need to drag the selected item and bring into map.


TeamWork Drive Test analysis can be used to view the serving cell and neighbour cell at the point of drive test on the map. User need to do right click on any Drive Test point as shown above. Map will show straight line on which cells as serving cell and neighbour cells.


Drive test events such as Drop call, handover success and others, easily can be plotted on map for engineers to analyse the drive test. Follow the step as drawn on map above.

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