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Software Development

As a Software Developer.We are a team of coders.We listen to your thoughts, ideas and requirements.We analyze and brainstorm your specific personalization.We reach your satisfaction with a final brilliant solutions.To your liking and escalates the overall business performance.


Assisting our clients to a better understanding regarding all the above services, their ideas and the functionality of our very on in-house tool, CellNet. End-to-end service management wil be also provided in defining client’s KPI, correlation and the process of generating a customize report.

Project Management

Disciple that initiates by our in-house management tool (CellNet) which will ensure a deliverable, progressive, structure and manageable project for our clients.

Support Maintenance

A 24 hours support with our software services displaying live mapping interface of the operators related network.

Dedicated Support Engineer

A 24 hours on-site system engineer providing great response towards any complain in order to solve concurrent network performance issues starting from the date of UAT sign-off.

Network Design and Optimization

A network planning stage where our team will provide services such as site survey, site acceptance and drive test analysis to optimize the network performance. Fast action can be perform by the operators by monitoring the network performance, previous history and related activity through our secured live website called CellNet.