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Software as a Service

We create a platform for consumers to feel our live product for real.
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Cloud DriveTest

A live updates of the network performance perform by our reliable support team


An interface for the user to suggest or discuss any related ideas or projects that come to your mind

SpeedTest Applications

A mobile applications which can be handy to be use at any required time or place to monitor the network performance

Indicate Your Network Performance

We brings you a great mobile interface where you could monitor the network speed and performance at the tip of your finger.

Dedicated Support

We take things to a totally new level where you could ask for support and help at any time of your convenience.

User Friendly

We design, plan and thorough our applications architecture for the benefits and convenient of our users.

Clean Design

Clean, simple and elegant applications design for users use.

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Cellnet-teamwork : How to find freq or any available data

One of the feature available in cellnet-teamwork to help users searching info such as BCCH, Scr, Pci and others, by plotting polygon colours on top of cells for best visualisation.

Development of Software as a Service (SaaS)

As a software development, Advancedcellnet come out with idea to develop TeamWork software with customization the workspace. The challenge nowaday, mostly interpreting data by manually. To overcome this kind of issue, We provides platform for user to create their team and join their team. TeamWork is more simpler and proactive management data from client. AdvancedCellNet Teamwork is the best way to work with your team and sharing the project within joining team members.

Key Capabilities of TeamWork

  • Dynamic workspace modelling of the TeamWork to fullfill requirement of user environment.  

  • Enable to invite team member to join the team and make more bigger group in a real-time 

  • Fully customizable KPIs and reporting 

  • Data visualization on Openlayer map 

  • Chat service that helped team to communicate 

  • Grid data table performs great even with huge data sets

System Mapping

  • Pin point the number of site tower that available around in that area including information of the site 

  • Fetch site of reporting referring to one site tower. Reporting viewing available on the system mapping.

  • Check out coverage of every telco signal services within area of the site.

  • Analyzing the data from gathering data through drive test features.

  • Discover and watch video that taken from drone video for each site.

  • Pin your point on custom query features and able to select type of point you want to save it.

Advanced Reporting

  • Flexible report importing with entering and formatting option and more advanced features. 

  • Report management including grouping of site and network and will represent into mapping. 

  • Intuitive for downloading and uploading reporting on the system mapping.